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D2A’s Story

D2A Story

Helen’s operational framework is that companies and their people desire to work in an equitable, transparent environment that enriches their life through positive interactions whilst striving towards achievable goals.  Having worked in both the public and private sectors till 2001, Helen made the decision to establish a small boutique consulting business.  D2A is the vehicle for getting in and working with clients in their business to identify and resolve underlying problems through the development of people, skills, strategy, structure, systems,  policies and practices.


Helen’s diverse practical experience is backed by studies undertaken in negotiations and leadership, strategic planning and accountancy undertaken at educational institutions ranging from Harvard (USA), East Texas State University (USA) and Queensland University of Technology (Australia).


D2A’s strategy of building strong relationships with customers to better understand their business has enabled the company to provide an agile customised service offering.  Having a policy of ‘no surprises' has stood D2A in good stead with its customers, particularly with respect to budgets, schedules and demand on resources.