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Major Projects Include:


Program and Project Management and Mentoring:

Client: NSW Government – Department of Public Works and Services.

Outcome: Savings estimated at $150,000,000 over 3 to 5 years.

Services DeliveredDeveloped, implemented and managed the program plan for the establishment of the New South Wales (NSW) whole of government electronic marketplace.


Client: Queensland Rail – Rollingstock and Component Services Group.

Outcome: 30% reduction in cycle time of major overhauls of the 3900 class locomotive program.

Services Delivered: Implemented and managed the revised 5 year overhaul program plan for 3900 class locomotives and facilitated the negotiation and establishment other major projects accepted by the site.


Strategic Procurement:

Client: Rio Tinto Mine Sites world wide.

Outcome: Savings estimated at $7,000,000 per annum over three years.

Services Delivered:

  • strategic sourcing encompassing analytical, negotiation and process facilitation skills; and 
  • global savings tracking model.


Change Management:

Client: Suncorp's senior executive team, middle level management and product managers.

Outcome: Established an accepted total cost methodology as the foundation for decision making.

Services Delivered:

Developed and implemented:

  • strategy for change management; and
  • plans for communication and expectation management, policies and procedures, training and education, and organisational alignment.


Client: Ipswich City Council.

Outcome: Implementated new budgeting and reporting software throughout council operations.

Services Delivered:

Developed and implemented:

  • strategy for change management;
  • plans for communication and expectation management and training and education; and
  • mapping of organisations current and future processes.


Process and Systems Redesign:

Client: Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland, Chief Engineer.

Outcome and Services Delivered: Restructured Business Unit supported by robust management reporting and quality management systems, project management approach and embedded communication channels.

Client: Freemasons Aged Care Queensland, CEO, General Managers, Cost Centre Managers and Software Providers.

Outcome: Standardised state wide management reporting enabling benchmarking of operational performance.

Services Delivered:

  • standardised chart of accounts;
  • project plan to standardise software platform throughout the State of Queensland; and
  • consultancy on the organisation’s management structure and relevant legislation.